Project Management Theory and Simulation (9003)

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ULM Project Management Theory and Simulation Ciencias Informática



The main goal is to give the students a brief introduction to Project Management in a lecture style and then have them practice project management in a lab setting. They would try to tackle a concrete project from the perspective of a Project Manager in groups of about three. 

The practices are carried out with a quite popular Project Management Simulation Software (SimulTrain) which is accessible via a Web Browser (e.g., IE or Firefox).

TOPICS COVERED (subject to slight changes):

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Motivation
  • What is a Project
  • What is Project Management
  • Project Lifecycle
  • Project Constraints
  • PMI Project Management Processes, Groups and Knowledge Areas
  • Project Planning Basics
  • Project Organization
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Task Network
  • Project Schedule
  • Critical Path
  • Project Execution and Controlling Basics
  • Tracking Team Member’s Progress
  • Project Vital Signs (Monitoring Project Constraints)
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Project Simulation
  • Project Leadership
  • Project Management/Monitoring
  • Human Resources Management

Note: Students do not necessarily need to have sound knowledge on Project Management already

Place: Facultad de Ciencias - Universidad de Salamanca


Monday May 29 Computer room 0 to 15h - 19h

Tuesday May 30 - Computer room 0 to 15h - 18h


Prof. Dr. Joachim Hering
University of Applied Sciences
Department of Computer Science
Albert-Einstein-Allee 55
89081 Ulm, Germany
Room  : Q213
Phone : +49 731 50 28526
E-Mail: hering@hs-ulm.de
Web   : http://www.hs-ulm.de/hering

All attendees will be issued a certificate of participation

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Jose Rafael García-Bermejo Giner
Facultad De Ciencias
Plaza de los Caídos, s/n
37008 Salamanca (España)
Teléfono: +34 923294653
Fax: +34 923294514
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Knowledge of English
Student of Computer Science Engineering

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Registration on this server (you can find instructions here) until the available places are completed.

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